Turning over a Golden Leaf: A Benefit for Maitrivana’s Shrine — Aug 17

unnamedYOU’RE INVITED! Thursday, August 17, 2017
Lama Rabten’s Annual Birthday Fundraiser Event

“Turning over a Golden Leaf: A Benefit for Maitrivana’s Shrine”

Dear friends and members of Nalandabodhi Vancouver,

You are cordially invited to join us on *Thursday, August 17* (NOT Aug 18, as announced earlier). That evening Lama Rabten will hold a restaurant dinner to raise funds to restore the rupas (Buddha forms) on Maitrivana’s beautiful shrine: Shakyamuni Buddha, Arya Tara, & Guru Rinpoche.

Although Buddha, Arya Tara, and Guru Rinpoche are flawless by nature, over the years, their form representations on our shrine have developed some discolouration and blemishes. We’ve been told by a professional Himalayan art conservator that the historical process for casting rupa metals used to include the ingredient mercury, which would help prevent the metals from changing over time. However, because mercury is highly toxic, in recent times metal workers have ceased using it—which is now a cause for the potential discolouration of rupa metals. Apparently, there is no way to fix this problem, other than to cover the surface.

Lama’s goal is to collect $10,000 for gold leaf to cover these three precious forms.

Event Details:
– Date: Aug 17, 2017
– Time: 6:00pm
– Location: Fraser Court restaurant, 3489 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5V 4C3 (parking at the back)
– Dinner details: 8-Course Chinese vegetarian menu, silent auction, raffles
– Ticket Info:
– $50 per person, $500 for a table (10 seats per table)
– Children, by donation

– To purchase tickets, please contact Alannah Wells at 604-327-0498


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